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A Section 32 Statement (Vendor’s Statement) is a required document for sellers in Victoria. This document outlines the land’s legal description, zoning regulations, and other pertinent facts. A contract will not be enforceable if Section 32 is not correctly followed. Before signing a Contract of Sale, a Vendor must give a Purchaser a signed Section 32 Statement in order to be in compliance with Section 32.


Land sales agreements must be in writing.

Off-the-plan sales, strata titles and auction contracts are just a few of the contract types that Ethical Conveyancing has created to fit every type of property in Victoria.


We are proficient in the specialised field of Sub-Divisions. Having worked on many land developments throughout the Metropolitan region, we have extensive experience in all stages. We work closely with surveyors, engineers and the developer. 

Our services include the preparation and lodgement for the Plan of Sub-Division applications to ensure the registration at the Land Titles OfficeWe assist with compiling Master Contracts through to the settlement of the individual lots. We can also help with smaller sub-divisions such as dividing an original house and backyard into two individual titles or lots.

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